Town of Bayfield Spring Election Results: April 2nd, 2019

Town of Bayfield

April 2nd, 2019 Spring Election Results

Justice of the Supreme Court

Brian Hagedorn                               59

Lisa Neubauer                                  189

Court of Appeals Judge District 3

Lisa K. Stark                                      171

Town of Bayfield Chairperson     

Thomas J. Gordon                           219

Town of Bayfield Supervisor        

Cody Bermel                                     49

Karen Boutin                                    165

Craig Hoopman                                189

Scattering                                          1

Pikes Bay Sanitary District

District Commissioner

Pam Brindley                                    80

Levi Leafblad                                    106

Bayfield School District

City of Bayfield

Lawrence Larry Deragon Sr          126

Aimee Kaufmann                             49

Bayfield School District

Red Cliff

Cindy Garrity                                    130

Nicole Boyd                                      146

Scattering                                          6