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Who are we?

Bayfield Township is a diverse community that includes people of varied ages, socio-economic class, family composition, race and cultural heritage. We also are a community that welcomes our seasonal residents and appreciates their contributions to the area. We strive to see our community flourish - a community that cherishes and seeks to preserve its unique environment. It is a place with a widely held ethic of stewardship that strongly encourages community members to take full responsibility for the economic, environmental, and social consequences of their actions, balancing private and individual rights with nature and the public good.

At the same time we recognize that a stable community depends on a clear understanding of the relationships between economic development, environmental protection and social equity. Accordingly, we are a community that supports existing employers and encourages new employers who share our vision and can provide year-round, well-paying jobs. We are a community determined to provide the services and infrastructure necessary to implement our vision, and a community that recognizes that excellence in education, including continuing education, is fundamental to creating a thriving, sustainable community.

We therefore support and encourage growth of our existing businesses: our cottage industries, forest products industry, orchards, farms, tourism businesses and marinas.We also seek to create conditions, which will attract new businesses, particularly those that might add value to the products of our local businesses as well as new clean enterprises that require skilled year-around workforces. 

 Town of Bayfield Comprehensive Plan